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Posted Monday, September 06, 2010 by Cami Jamerson
Hello Varsity Parents,
We have received permission to use Sherborn Fire Dept. for a CAR WASH on the same day as Dover (Sept 18th).  SO, changes need to be made in the schedule.  We'll run from 11am-2pm at BOTH SITES, DOVER and SHERBORN.  The Dover players will man theDover Wash, and the Sherborn players will man the Sherborn Wash.
The parents who graciously signed up to help, so far, will need to have their times/locations tweaked.  I've made changes below- please email me if they don't work for you or if you'd like to take 1/2 session (1 1/2 hrs).
DOVER (11am-2pm):  Peggy Bielski/ Peter Bielski, Mark Newbert, Susan Cottrell, Charley Blizard
SHERBORN (11am-2pm):  Bruce/Cami Jamerson, Sirri, Hands, Fitz
WE NEED SOME MORE ADULTS HANDS (so we can split shifts)- if 3 hours is too much, consider splitting it with spouse or friend??  Check out your calendars and reply to me, Cami.  Thank you!
Thank you!  Thank you!

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